Friday, June 18, 2010

Should You Date Your Crush?

I pose this post as a question because my first mind is, no, if given the opportunity, you should absolutely not date your crush.

My reasoning?

I have had the privilege to date two of my crushes.  I'm not talking high school band geek has a crush on a jock kind of crush; these are recent "adult crushes."

My most recent was The Bouncer. (click here for "the bouncer" story)

Before that, it was this tall drink of water with green eyes and caramel skin.  Can you say, "yumm?" When I first saw him, my jaw hit the floor.  Staring is rude, but not when the object of your "rudeness" looked like him, I mean he should be used to it by now.

Fast forward a year later, yes a year, because:

     A. I was "labeled" as a girlfriend at the time
     B. He doesn't live in the same city, so I only saw him once in a while

So, anyway, a year later and my friend gives him  my number and we have a few conversations.  Now you may be able to tell that I am never at a loss for words, but the first time I heard his smooth deep voice on the phone, I think I may have blacked out for a moment. 

Eventually, the glamour wore off and thank goodness, before our friendship ever went any further.

This man had more drama then any woman I've ever known.

First, he had no kids, then he had 1, 2, 3...count them 3 kids.

Then, I found out, he was "self-medicating" because he was stressed out ( I would be stressed too if I had 3 cackling baby's mamas) ...I just thought he was REALLY laid back.  It turns out, he just didn't  have any emotions because all of his serotonin was gone.

To put the icing on this crazy cake... one night when I was staying at my friends house, he threatened to render my car inoperable, because I didn't call him to let him know that I was in his city. (I did not get the memo that he was owner of the city.)

I barely dodged that bullet.

My point is, when "Green Eyes" was my crush, it was fun; when I got to know him...not so much.

The butterflies when he looked at me and the electric sparks with just a simple light touch; feelings like that don't happen often. 

I didn't know him and his issues; I was infatuated with the idea of him.  He just didn't live up to my ideal, which led to disappointment. 

Would I date another crush?  I can't say...

Maybe 3 is a charm?...


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