Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have a habit of learning from others mistakes-- especially when it comes to dating and relationships. Instead of watching from the sidelines, I have decided to dive in head first, take chances, and make some of my own mistakes. Not only am I going to be adventurous in dating, I am going to share my experiences with the world and offer advice along the way.

I find myself constantly complaining about dating the same type of guy and men not being up to my standards, but how can I meet new people if I continue to frequent the same places? Instead of complaining, I'm taking action and being more proactive. I do this in other areas of my life and dating should be no different.

The Date "Experiments" will be in the form of field studies, new places, new dress codes, and whatever life throws at me along the way. I'll try to do at least one "experiment" per month, but post about different dating and relationship topics each day. Any feedback, criticism, and ideas for experiments are welcome...so don't be shy, because I'm going to be as candid as possible about everything (people, places, AND things ::wink wink::).


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