Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Good Guy vs The Bad Boy

Mmmm... The Bad Boy, the most appealing; at least before you get to know him.  What makes him the most irresistible?   Why do the good guys finish last almost every time? 
Maybe its the confidence he exudes, or the sex appeal that seems to be seeping out of his bad ass pores. (Yep, even his pores are bad ass.) It has to be the swagger, which is so important.  Swagger is the bread that this sandwich is made on, the lighter to the cigarette, but I digress...

As you can tell, I've been swindled by a bad boy more than once.  Well, fool me once... I am not the only one.  Its like they have magical powers on top of good looks and the gift to manipulate at will.

Who could resist?

But you must try, there is a reason that he has a bad boy rep.  He's no good for us and guess what you'll end up being: The Starter Chick.  A hurt one at that. 

Give the good guy a chance.  Sure he may be awkward, lacking swagger, and can't make you feel like the bad boy does... or can he?  A recent survey in the July 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan mag (AKA Girl Bible) says that these men are more focused on putting their partners' pleasure before their own.  Sounds good to me!  Yes, the bad boys are good for an ego boost, but its fleeting; that could end at any time. 

Moral to the story:

       BAD BOY=  Good time for the short term
       GOOD GUY= Pleasing YOU for the long run

I guess it depends on what your looking for, but remember, Bad Boys are a dime a dozen and Good Guys are rare birds, so if you get one, don't take him for granted...Happy Dating!

Benjamin, Jenny. (July 2010). 99 Hot New Sex Facts. Cosmopolitan.


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