Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Big Huge Dating Red Flags

What are red flags?

Red flags are statements that come up in a conversation, that when said, should make you immediately look for an exit and make a run for it...

1.  "I am the best thing that has ever happened to you..."

Besides being extremely irritating, this person's ego takes up so much space there will never be room for you.

If they are as fantastic as they say they are, you would be able to see this by spending time together, not by them telling you how great they are.

2.  "I think I could fall in love with you..."

Wait what?  We just met two days ago. 

Desperation is driving this person and will make you wish that you set up the "emergency phone call." 

Run from this psycho...fast. 

My guess is, they just got out of a relationship and want to jump right into another one.

Huge mistake, and you would be very sorry in the long run for getting on this ride.

3.  "My ex was beautiful.  My ex was smart. My ex would love this place..."

Umm, hi, its me...your date, the one your pissing off by incessantly talking about your stupid ex. 

This red flag is disturbingly obvious.

They are not over their ex. 

 In fact, if that person walked in right then, your date would come to a screeching halt. 

Don't run, tell them to call their ex and not you and gracefully make an exit.

4.  "I cheated on him/her a few times, but I've changed now."

I already know what your thinking. People change...right?  No Sherlock, they don't.  People CAN change, but they must evolve on their own, outside of a relationship and they have to want to do it. 

I know you want to help them, but you can't.  This person WILL cheat on you, they just pretty much told you they would. 

Save yourself some heartbreak, finish dinner and ignore their calls from now on.

5. "I want kids and I want to get married..."

This may or may not be a red flag. 

This person is just telling you their future plans. 

However, if you don't see marriage or children in your future, guess what?...Your not seeing a future with this person. 

Why waste your time and you don't want the same things?

 If you want to travel and live abroad, they are not the one for you. 

There are people that share the same interests and have the same goals...date them, you'll have a better relationship survival rate.

Print out and put this list in your purse/wallet and refer to when in doubt about the person you are dating...

Just kidding!

Kudos to Candy Pants for helping me with my "bloggers block" today!

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Laelani Stone said...

Well I have been on a date with guy number 1 for sure. He had a 300 his own house he was a -----. He was the cats meow lol Well come to find out he had the worst teeth this side of creation and is on welfare hahahahahahaha. Now big spender if you are that amazing, you really should invest in those rotted ass teeth with your welfare card. Instead of selling food stamps to pay for that 300. Mr.So Amazing

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