Monday, August 23, 2010

Waiting for the "Fake Emergency Phone Call"

The Blog Catalog members came through yet again and helped me out!  This time it was, "What NOT to say on a First Date." 

I picked 10 from all the entries to post here.  I also added a link to each persons blog. So, laugh, comment, and go check out their awesomeness!

1. Wow, what a great date. I had an awesome time and my kid's will be psyched. You possess 8 out of the 10 attributes they want in "New Mommy." 
--BiggJ (Youth Jerseys Blog

2. "My wife and I have and open marriage."  
--Diana (The Hidden Face of the Moon

3. "I think I'm falling in love with you." 
--Konway East (Water Cooler, The

4.  "When I look into your eyes I can see our unborn children."  
--FreakSmack (Funny Mugshots

5. "What happened to the girl in your photo?" 
--Derek Bowles (The Mind of Derek Bowles

6.  *Phone rings .... index finger being held up in a hold-on a minute would you?* ... "Hello, darling .. I've missed you, too."  
--Theresa (Sleeping Kitten- Dancing Dog!

7. "I don't even really like you, I just haven't gotten laid in a while." 
 -The Boo (The Boo Report)

8. "The shovel is there in case I hit a deer, the plastic bags because I was moving, the lime is for a friend."
--Hank (Photography by Hank Plumley

9. "Whaddaya mean, 'No'? Get in the back seat like a good girl."
--Mel (The Not-Pop Jukebox

10. "My house ain't been cleaned good since my first wife..." 
--AJ (Under My Fitted

Definitely all First Date RED Flags!

Thanks again, Blog Catalog members you're the SHIT!

Has anyone ever said something heinous to you on a first date? 

Toodles Biatches!

P.S. Did I make you smile today?

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