Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guest Spotlight: Dating Chronicles

I've been following (stalking) @DatingChronicle on Twitter for a while now and her "tweets" were so interesting, I had to ask if she would do a guest post.  DC tells the "Twitterverse" her dating stories...140 Characters at a time... Here Dating Chronicles tells us how to look at the good side of a break-up:
Break-ups Suck….Silver Linings Rock

For those who don’t know me, I have been on a mission to find the man with whom I am to share my life.  In the past 14-16 months I have been on over 100 first dates.  Yup, over 100.  Truly it’s closer to 150 but that just sounds egregious doesn’t it?

I finally met someone I was willing to go on a second date with ….then a third…and a forth….. I’ve been tweeting (@DatingChronicle) about him (aka New Guy) over the past two months while we’ve been dating.  Two months may not sound like a very long time --- however, when you haven’t accepted a second date in over 16 months and then you go on more than fifteen dates with the same guy, it takes it up a notch or two.    

This past Saturday we broke up. 


In the past few days I’ve been trying to focus on left-brain thoughts.  You know the ones – the reasonable, rational, logical thoughts that make dealing with the pain of a break-up easier.

Following is my current top six list ….the top six silver linings behind this break-up…..wish I had ten….perhaps by the end of the week….or maybe you’ll have some to add!?

(6)    I am free to plan my weekends on my own.  New Guy was not a fan of planning in advance which is hard for me since many of the things I love to do (camping, hiking, road-trips) require an element of planning since I share my life with a dog.  This is a challenge no more.

(5)    Scheduling item #2 – no more scheduling around the kids and his ex-wife’s life. (In two months more than four adjustments to the schedule). 

(4)    Speaking of his ex….. no more worry about awkwardly running into her.  Our  worlds were getting closer and closer as I realized we have friends and business associates in common.

(3)     Shaving daily is a pain.  I no longer have to do this.

(2)     The $500 I was planning to spend on bikini laser treatment is now available to buy seriously hot heels.
…..and the #1 Silver Lining behind this break-up…..

(1)     New guy is short – really short  (i.e. 1” taller than I am and I’m short)…..my favorite pair of heels is 4” high.  I am once again free to wear these seriously hot heels (and others which I will buy with the $500 referenced in item #2!)
There you have it – my top six silver linings from this break-up.  Feeling confident that we’ll have a full top-ten by the end of the week……

I look forward to your insights!

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