Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Thought I Knew You... (Caribana Part 4)

I know I've been MIA...School, work, and I'm getting ready for another adventure...maybe...


This is the last part! I didn't realize how long this story would be until I wrote it out. Funny thing is, there is so much more that happened. I guess that will have to wait for my book that I'll write one day.

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We now had a mystery on our hands: Where the fuck was Jacky? Dee and I couldn't reach her and admittedly hadn't tried since Caribana. I called, sent texts and got nothing.  I was no Nancy Drew, Damien could have sold her off to slavery by now...

There was nothing else to do, but wait for a reasonable hour and then try to get in touch with her.  If she was OK, she obviously wasn't worried about us. 

TJ was the perfect host.  He never made Dee feel like the third wheel and he could have been hanging out with his friends on the craziest weekend of the year in Toronto, but he was being a tour guide for two abandoned tourists. 

He stayed in the room that night with Dee and I and we all went down to the lobby and had an amazing breakfast the next day.  As we wobbled our full selves towards the elevator, I see Damien and Jacky coming towards us.

I pushed the "UP" button and we all stood there quietly, staring straight ahead.  As we rode up to our room, you could actually feel the tension on the elevator. I turned to TJ and said, "This might get ugly..." and he just replied, "I got that feeling too."  The other passengers were anxious to get off.  We all stepped off the elevator and walked towards our room, stepped inside, and watched as the door clicked closed.  That's when all hell broke loose:

Dee: Really Bitch? You bring us up here and ditch us BOTH.  I DROVE all the way from Ohio to kick it with you and I've seen you one time in 2 days. I want the money for the rental. I could have stayed at home for this shit!
Me: And how do you leave her and I together? It just so happens that we get along. What if we didn't? You just didn't give a fuck. You lied about this whole trip!
Jacky: I don't have time for this right now. Damien and I have plans today.
Me and Dee: FUCK Damien!
Dee: He's not even cute. You got me bent! Have you been brainwashed?
Damien: Why are you yelling at her like this? You are so disrespectful to your friend. You're not treating her like a friend.

I stood up.

Me: You, sir, should shut the fuck up and stay out of this or get out of MY hotel room!
Damien: I don't have to go anywhere. What are you going to do? Move me?
TJ: She doesn't have to move anybody. I'll gladly do it for her.
I couldn't help but think that he was even HOTT-ER when he was angry...GRRRR! OK...wrong time, I KNOW, but he was MAN-Candy!
Jacky: Jazz, don't talk to him like that, he doesn't have to go anywhere.
Damien: *Looking at TJ* And who the fuck are you?
TJ: I....
Me: TJ...doesn't have to explain ANYthing. AND he is correct. I don't have to move anybody and neither does he. I don't know if YOU forgot BITCH, but this hotel room is in MY NAME. I will happily call security on both of you. So tread lightly DA-MI-EN.

Neither Jacky nor Damien had anything to say at that point.

Dee: But like I said, I want the money for the rental, before I leave tonight.  I don't care if it comes from the BUM or YOU, but it better come from someone. 
Jacky: I don't have to give you anything!

Jacky and Dee were nose to nose at this point.
Dee: Really Jacky, you would fight me over HIM? He lives in Toronto. What the hell are you going to do when we get back to Ohio?
Jacky: What do you mean?
Me: It means that we're not even friends. At this point, we're enemies.
Jacky: You guys would stop being my friend over something so stupid?
Me: Stupid? You tricked me! You tricked me for 6 years...I don't even know you. You let this lame ass come in here and chose him over US? Your Friends??? You should have come by yourself if you were that thirsty for affection. I mean you can't get a man in Ohio, so you have to travel all the way to Toronto? Is your self esteem really that low? Where did you meet him anyway...on Facebook? WOW.
Dee: And you're sleeping over his parents house? Nasty bitch, what THEY must think of you...

Hotel security knocked on the door a some point during this argument. You should have seen the fear on Damien's face.  I should have had both of their asses dragged out of my room, but I needed to finish yelling at Jacky...

We all just stood there in silence staring at each other for what seemed like the longest time. There was really nothing else to say. Our friendship was over. Jacky grabbed up enough things to stay the night at Damien's but left her suitcase. I asked for her key so I could give  it to Dee and she refused to give it up.

I let her leave and then marched right down to the front desk to get the other keys cancelled and get two new ones. If Jacky wanted to come back in that room, she was going to have to go through ME!

TJ actually had a whole list of things that we could do that day and Dee was all for it, until the guy she met the day before called her and wanted to meet up. We agreed to split up for the day and meet back at the hotel around 8PM for the Gyptian concert. 

TJ took me everywhere! We went on the subway to a flea market and they had roasted corn dripping with butter.  Mmmmm, my fat man personality, Grisham, was truly on cloud nine! We then took a trolley to another flea market that sold mostly music.  He bought me a bunch of mixed CDs so I could listen to REAL music, as he called it. We took the subway and walked all over downtown.

We stopped by his house and he made me traditional Trini food for lunch. It was too spicy, but I still ate it with my eyes watering and him laughing at me. I wanted to detach my lips from my face and sit them in ice water, that shit was so damn HOT! I had to prove that I wasn't a punk, but I would have tapped out under normal circumstances.

Eight came way to fast, especially since I was leaving the next day.  Dee, her new friend, TJ and I met up at the hotel as planned and Dee drove us to the outdoor concert.

Gyptian gave an amazing performance (he sounds EXACTLY like he does on the radio...posted his newest song below) and we made our way back to the hotel at around 1 in the morning.  Dee had to leave that night to get the rental back, so we said our goodbyes and traded numbers.

And then there were 2...

TJ and I stayed up until 5 in the morning talking until we finally just passed out only to wake up 4 hours later to get all my stuff packed up.  Jacky did come back that morning to get her suitcase...with Damien.  I admit, I let her struggle with the door for about a good five minutes before I let her in. *Evil Smile Here*

I got everything together and TJ got us a cab to the bus station. He waited with me until it was time for me to leave. 

Right when I was about to get on the bus, he grabbed my hand, spun me around and kissed me. He told me that I had to come back soon and he missed me already. I SO did not want to leave!

I got on the bus and put on my Mp3 player to drown out all the sounds and listen to tunes on the ride home. All was good, until I got to Buffalo, NY and our freakin' bus was an hour late because we got held up at the border, so I missed the bus back to Cleveland.  I had to wait 5 hours for the next bus!

Of course, Jacky, was nowhere to be found.  I soon figured out when were boarding the bus to Cleveland that she knew someone in Buffalo and she went and got something to eat and sat at their house, while I was sitting at the bus station by myself. 

And that bus station was scary...OK?

I put out a PSA on Facebook to tell all my friends where I was, just in case something happened to me...I still hate Facebook, but it sure came in handy that day!  I was also texting TJ the whole time I was there, which helped keep me calm.

I saw a man get tackled by the police and this other guy was walking around telling everyone that he knew how to fix the BP oil spill.  Not to mention, the woman that was asking for money for Similac...while smoking a cigarette.


After all this, Jacky had nerve enough to offer me food on the bus.  I wanted to cram the bag down her throat.  I told her to go fuck herself and turned my music back up.

I finally made it home at about 12 in the morning, I was supposed to have gotten home by 6 PM!  And I had to go to work the next day...UGH!

Well, that's all folks!  No, I don't talk to Jacky anymore.  Yes, I still talk to TJ...a lot actually.  Almost everyday since I left... I am actually packing for another trip...but that's another story!


Toodles Biatches!


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