Friday, August 6, 2010

How Cool Is This?!

This really isn't a post.  Think of it as one of those annoying ass filler episodes in a season of your most favoritest show. Your most favoritest show should be True Blood. Only a few episodes left, how sad is that???!

My bad, I'm sure I have an Attention Deficit Disorder, but was never properly diagnosed.

OK, so for the good news...finally...

Speeddate.com featured me on their blog! Horror Date #1: Runs in With the Law.

They sent me an e-mail asking what my most horrific date EVER was and of course my choice was the Corona and I Have a Rocky Past...     story.  That date was a complete and EPIC fail.  

So check out my write-up at www.speeddate.com    and hell, maybe you should sign up.  Shit, maybe I should sign up? I'm not having so much luck with this dating thing, but whatever...it's not my fault that these men can't handle all my HAWTness...

Coming up soon...

I STILL need to tell you guys about my amazing trip to Canada and I will, be patient with me, my life is a complete circus right now!

Toodles Biatches!


DeRex said...

Ugh... Don't remind me that True Blood is almost over ;(

Congrats by the way.

Jazz Stanton said...

Yes, it is SO depressing AND the cliffhangers are going to be redic. UGH!

And thank you... :-)

Emma Murty said...

Congratulations Jazz wait let me rephrase that congrats on the interview not the coronas, lol, you go girl. I love True Blood too it's awesome Drew don't get it at all and he just sits there with a cold beer waiting for the credits, lol.

Andrew G. Carson said...

Congrats Jazz you truly deserve it you are a great writer and don't go speed dating those places are just full of crazies and pensioners, lol.

Jazz Stanton said...

@Emma...Why thank you and Andrew better get with it...True Blood is the SHIIIT!

@Andrew... Thank you also and Speeddate.com is just online, you chat with people every 3 minutes, I believe. I've never actually been to speed dating. I don't do well when put on the spot like that...LOL

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