Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Party Girl Plus One: Episode 4, Frequent Vagina Flyer

It's Video Day class!

Turn down the lights (unless you're at work) and enjoy another installment of Party Girl Plus One.  I knew I was going to like this one at the title.  It gives me a chance to use the word Va-jay-jay!

You know what to do: watch, laugh, and comment...

My Thoughts: Talk about a freakin' mood killer.  He was inspecting the va-jay-jay like a gynecologist. Hell, a gyno shouldn't even be looking that close! Yeah, he would have gotten the shoe in the face from me too...

Ever experienced an awkward moment like that? Comment or better yet why haven't you emailed me that story yet!?

For more info on Jen and Party Girl Plus One visit www.partygirlplusone.com

Toodles Biatches!



Andrew G. Carson said...

Never trust a guy in a woolly waistcoat, lol, what was that guy thinking? Of all the worst things to say in that situation I'm thinking that is in the top five, I can think of three others that would be worse but I won't write them down, lol.

timethief said...

Gyno guy is repugnant. EEEEEEEEEEEEeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! What a loser.

Jazz Stanton said...

@AGC...I know, right? LOL

@TT...yeah I would have kicked him the nose for sure!

Emma Murty said...

If he compared my downstairs department to a tube sock I would of tap danced on his yam-bag, lol. What a total creep, this is a funny show and she should get a TV deal.

PrincessBeks said...

first episode i've seen but i love it got to watch more but i agree with Andrew G about the jumper, sorry but if i saw he was wearing that he wouldn't be going anywhere near my Va jay jay!

Anonymous said...

that was just odd, sadly I have had a guy go down and have a convo with my lady parts :o( it was odd and uncomfortable and the entire time all I could think was...if she could talk she would say shut up and well PERFORM..smh great post can't wait for the next video day

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