Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Party Girl Plus One: Episode 5, Strip Tease

I know everything I did this week is behind! I had a long ass paper to write AND I babysat! Me...watching little people; worst idea ever. They just reinforced the fact that I am not having children.  They weren't bad, but the youngest NEVER STOPPED TALKING! When she DID stop, she still made some sort of noise. 

I can't see how parents do it. It's not like you can change your mind and give them back...

Anyway, Video Day is here! *Turning off the lights and grabbing popcorn* Party Girl Plus One did it again! Watch, laugh and comment:

MY THOUGHTS: Hmmm... Valentine's Day.  I hate it when people ask me what I'm doing on V-Day, especially when the a-holes know I'm single.  It's usually just me and Jose Cuervo...he never lets me down.

I've never been to a wild all girl party like that, however, I get hit on by girls all the time. Probably because I'm a huge flirt. It isn't even uncomfortable anymore. I just figure, "Hey, men AND women think I'm hawt...heeey!"  I've never even kissed a girl, nor do I have the desire too, but it seems like it's the norm nowadays. 

Ever been in a situation where someone of the same sex tried to "take your cookies"? How did you respond: offended or flattered OR went with it?  

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