Wednesday, July 7, 2010

O Brother, What the Hell Art Thou Thinking?

If this hadn't of happened to me, I wouldn't believe it.  This just proves that some men don't have a conscience.

So my friend and I decided to go out on Friday night.  The first place we went to... two thumbs down.  I walked in and they were line dancing.  WTF?! 

I don't line dance.  I am not of the "cougar" generation yet and even when I am... I am STILL not going to line dance.  I mean they were getting down on those arthritic knees. The Electric Slide never looked so sad.

I'm like if this is where I end up for the rest of the night, I need a drink...this needs to be a blur.

We get in a line behind a man with a denim suit and woman with a romper on.  Not the "2010 romper"...it was the ORIGINAL one piece romper from 1970.  In her mind she was thinking, "I'm so happy I never got rid of this, it's back in style!"   Girl, please.

After I tore my eyes away from the psychedelic print on the romper, I asked for the strongest drink the bartender could make.  I paid, turned around and ran smack into my Ex's brother.

The Ex I am referring to is talked about here in the post "One Step Forward...The End."

I mean what the hell are the chances that I run into his brother exactly one week later?

Anyways, we exchange pleasantries and talk about how funny the dancing old people are and then part ways a couple minutes later.

My friend and I stayed at the party for about fifteen more minutes and then left and went Downtown.  And guess who I run into... AGAIN?... Right... the Brother.

I guess this time he had a little more liquid courage running through his veins because he gave me this look.  You know THE look.  He had completely undressed me with his eyes.  I know this look, because I've given it and it works, but under the circumstances was mildly uncomfortable.

It really caught me off guard but I didn't think anything of it... I mean he can look...right?

If only that's ALL he did.  He walks over and whispers in my ear:

Him: Your looking really good tonight.

Me: Why, thank you. (I'm smiling...Don't judge me, I did look good.)

Him: You know...you were with my brother, but I always liked you.

Me: Uh...what? (Uh...what?)

I wish I had had a mirror to see my facial expression.  My feelings are always written all over my face.  My feeling at that moment: Stunned.  I now look at all the times I have been over their house when his brother and I were together in a whole new light.

Him: Yep, I always wanted to bite that. (What?)

As he said this, he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer.

Me: Uhhhh (Hey, what the hell was I supposed to say? I was so shocked it made me sober AND angry that I was now sober.)

Him: You should come see the new house.

Me: Do you two still live together?

Him: Yeah. (I thought I was being Punk'd...seriously?)

Me: Wouldn't that be awkward?

Him: ::shrugs:: No, not at all. 

Me: (I think I'm missing something) You want me to come to your house?

Him: (He is now looking at me like I just walked off the short bus) Yes.

Me: Where you and your brother live?

Him: Uhhh... Yeah.

Me: Give me your number and I'll text you later.

Ok, before you start yelling at the computer screen, let me explain myself.  I just wanted to end the conversation.  I will never call him or hang out with him at "his house" or anywhere else.

Him: xxx-xxxx... call my phone. (Crap!)

I should have anticipated this. I hate the "call my phone" trick. What happened to taking the number and just NOT saving it, but promising to call? What could I do? I called the number.

He called me that night and on the 4th. Part of me wants to ask him what the hell is going on?  It seems like this is all a game; one that I am not willing to play. 

I am taking the best course of action, which is do nothing at all.

Why invite drama into my life when I have none?

He used to have girls coming and going.  When one left another one walked in...unbelievable.  It was like a gynecological office!  Basically, he's a whore.

He uses women with no regard to their feelings and then disposes of them.  Who knows what STD he has?  I wish I would... I don't want anything to do with that dysfunctional family.  Been there, done that...not stupid enough to do it again.

Although, there is this small evil person on my shoulder that wants to see the Ex's face if I would walk in the house.  (Don't worry, I'm not nuts...people have gotten killed over less.)

If I were out for revenge, this would be a great opportunity, but I have wasted too much time and energy being angry at him.  That part of my life is over and I have long since moved on. 

Yep, his number is officially labeled, "DON'T ANSWER!!!!"

Has something like this ever happened to you? Have you ever actually dated a family member or friend of an Ex?



Kai Phoenix said...

Wow that's so awkward! You did the right thing, even I wouldn't have the nerve to get invovled with the family member of an ex although as you said it would be hilarious to see the look on his face!!!

Jennifer Ann..... said...

great blog !-- you did the right thing for sure!

PrincessBeks said...

yea you def did the right thing. but saying that i have a date on friday with the Ex's mate, he still works with him too!! will let you know how it goes

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