Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Party Girl Plus One Episode 2: Date One, Smell Fetish

Can I get a "Hell Yeah!" for Video Day?

The following video is Jen's first date after deciding that the Party Girl needed a plus one.  You know what to do: Watch, laugh, and comment...

My Thoughts:  First of all, where do I sign up to be a wine taster? Do they have Tequila tasters? My alter ego and I had a meeting and decided that Tequila Tasting should be a career move for me...

I don't think I have had anything as creepy as this happen to me on a date...yet.  I mean a smell fetish is pretty freakin' gross.  You shouldn't stick your nose in places that it doesn't belong. 

Ever dated anyone with a Freaky Fetish?  Comment or better yet, why the hell haven't you sent me that story?

For more info about Jen and her video series visit Party Girl Plus One.

Hope you enjoyed Video Day! Toodles, biatches!

P.S.  If you missed the first episode, check it out here: Party Girl Plus One, Episode 1


Dyeve said...

smiles. I've already seen this ep. also the last one, 7 - I guess.
Jen is a pretty sweety woman indeed. I like her natural way of acting.She seems to brought the right element to her character from each short of her "experience" with Mr. Right Guy, and I love her straightness in all.

She is beautiful, inteligent,charming and funny and her style fit perfect with her job - Actrice, a good one if I may add.
I just wait to see the next episodes. and I'm curious if her character will be somehow different at the end of the movie..hope not to soon..if it's posible in 2020. :P

Take care and al the best!

Jazz Stanton said...

I was also impressed with these videos. They are so professional and Jen is a great actress!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jess said...

Creepy fetishes are a major turn off. Especially those guys (and yes I'm speaking from experience) who like to suck on toes. Eww.

Jazz Stanton said...

I'm so sorry that that happened to you...lol. Feet creep me out, I have an issue with them. So, I guess I have an issue with people that have a foot fetish?

Andrew G. Carson said...

Hahaha is it wrong that I found that guy’s performance funny? What a weirdo, I’ve never heard of a smell fetish before. I think I’ve seen him in a shockingly bad horror film from last year called “Handi-Killer” about a paraplegic serial killer I’m pretty sure he was the first victim guess his career is on the rise I’d make a smell of success joke but even I won’t sink that low, lol. And yes I have watched some terrible, terrible movies the curse of the insomniac.

Jazz Stanton said...

Nope, it WAS funny...you have to find out if it was him. LOL

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