Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Party Girl Plus One: Episode 1, Party Girl Plus One Night Stand

Do you remember at the beginning of class when your Earth Science teacher said,"Today, we are watching a video." and the whole class was like, "F**k Yeah, free time!"?

Well class, today and every Tuesday after, you are going to watch a video. Not Bill Nye the Science Guy, but Party Girl Plus One.  

Jennifer Dawson, from PartyGirlPlusOne.Com, e-mailed me about her web series of videos based on her diary.  She is a 30-something divorcee thrown back into the dating scene and she decided to keep a diary chronicling her conquests.

I can tell you a great story, but what's better than watching it? Which is exactly what Jen must of thought, because she came up with this hilarious video dating series.

So, each week, I'll post a new video of hers, give my thoughts on it and then you comment on them...capisce?

My Thoughts: Jen said,"Not close to anyone, but also not alone." 

I am a self-proclaimed "Party Girl" all day.  I am almost always surrounded by people and when I'm not, I am doing something...I try to stay busy. 

I hardly remember what it's like to be in a relationship and I can't recall being any happier at that time.  After all these crash landings some people call dates, I wonder if I'm not just better off single.  I don't have time to feel lonely. Maybe it's because I haven't seen my "old self" at the bar like Jen did...

Have you seen your "old self"?  Did watching this make you want to find your "plus one"?

Make sure you visit http://www.partygirlplusone.com for more info about Jen and her video diary!

Thanks Jen, for finding my little piece of the blogosphere!


Queenie said...

Oh man, I loved video days in high school. She's hot. Yes, I found my "plus one" but unfortunately we're talking about my ass!

Jazz Stanton said...

EVERYBODY loved video days...LOL. I'm sure you have a great ass Queenie!

Party Girl Plus One said...

hey jazz, thanks for the post! you did a great intro. love it and i LOVED video days in high school!!

in reading the above in your words, first, to hear how we all share the same stories blows my mind. i mean literally blows my mind!! and second, to hear the same situations from your perspective has got to be the most amazing thing. just too cool.

what a learning experience in how we all relate to each other. you've done a fab job.

Jennifer Ann..... said...

loved it, thanks !

Jazz Stanton said...

Thank you Party Girl!... I love how you took your stories and acted them out. We all have a story to tell, even though it does sound like we are all dating the same guy...LOL.

It is helpful to see people going through the same thing and I'm glad my readers have a different way of "seeing" the stories that are posted here.

Candi Pants said...

Yay! I'm going to love video days....

Andrew G. Carson said...

High school ah the glory years of bad sex and trying not to get stabbed on a daily basis good times, good times anyway I digress, Lol. I’ve definitely found my “plus one” and have actually spent everyday with Emma since our first date although granted not many of them have included leaving the house to go party. Loved the video and the words matched it perfectly Jazz, I can‘t wait for your next blog post.

Jazz Stanton said...

Andrew I am SO happy that you and Emma are doing so well. You guys are the lucky ones...it's rough out here...LOL. Tell Emma I said hey!

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