Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guest Spotlight: The Housebound Writer

I'm excited about this Guest Spotlight! He is a fellow blogger from Scotland...yeah my blog is international biatches!  I "met" him on Blog Catalog, a categorized directory of blogs. I ran across his,The Housebound Writer (click to visit), where he reviews movies with sarcasm and humor blended with his personal challenges.  I then read his background story/interview (read it here), which gave a more in depth look into his past and was completely intrigued. The obstacles that he faces and overcomes to still have an optimistic outlook, is absolutely amazing. Towards the end of the interview he mentioned a possibility of meeting a "lass" named Emma.  He was kind enough to share the story of their first date here...

9 1/2 years...

No it’s not a belated sequel to the Mickey Rourke/ Kim Basinger 80s movie 9 ½ weeks but a sad statement on how long it’s been since I had a date before this Saturday. Now before the chorus of laughter let me explain very briefly why this is, for the last 10 years I have been seriously ill and pretty much housebound so for me to get a date it would have to be from a very small pool of possible women, most of which I’m related too and I ain't from that part of Scotland, lol.

My date was with a girl (surprising to some who read my comments on BC) named Emma who I have been talking with on a daily basis for about 3 months online and who had kept the fact that she lived locally to me a secret as she thought it would “weird me out” which it did for all of about 3 seconds. We decided to meet at a local coffee place and I had to inform her that my brother would be coming along but he would sit as far away from us as possible (chorus of laughter part2: laugh louder) this is because I suffer from multiply seizures on a daily basis so he needed to be there to restrain me if one happens. We got there early to find she was already waiting outside which made me instantly paranoid that I was late but she reassured me I was early.

The date got off to somewhat of a good start she found it hilarious that I would hold her chair for her like in some old sixties movie. We talked, we laughed and all was going fine till the guy at the next table, a real sharp suit cheap shoes type, leaned towards our table to commence a conversation on his cell phone, I as usual instead of thinking something said it out loud (illness thing honest) ‘You got to be f***ing kidding me, a***hole.’ I said this louder than I would have hoped. He stood up and exited quickly leaving his coffee date laughing into her hand and Emma patting me on the back for a job well done.

We spent quite a long time just talking about random things and laughing which led to a brief moment where the lean in was open but my brain decides what would be really funny is for when I’m about to make a move for me to have a seizure, if this happened in a movie people would say it was unrealistic and a bull**** ploy to make the guy more likable yada, yada, yada but life ain't like a movie it’s a whole lot stranger I‘ve found. I came round from my seizure about 5 minutes or so later to find Emma kneeling over me holding my hand which is a major improvement from my brother kneeling on my chest to hold me down I can tell you, lol.

We decided to not let the seizure ruin the date and chose to head back to her place this time without the chaperone. We swung by my place to collect a DVD of a short film I wrote/directed when I was 18 as she was fascinated to here it starred a very fresh faced James McAvoy. We watched the film, listened to music, drank copious amounts of wine and Emma showed me some of her paintings she had done for art school. The longer the date went on the more we seemed to hit it off and after slow dancing (which no Scotsman is good at especially one like me with no feeling in his feet) to a French Jazz song that I haven’t a clue of the name Emma decided it was time to head to the bedroom.

Now after 9 and ½ years of off the scale physical pain I wasn’t even sure if what we were going to do was even going to be possible but then again it had 9 and ½ freaking years so I wasn‘t going to say that to her, lol. Strangely I didn’t have the old first time with a new girl nerves it just seemed right and thankfully everything went well because after spending all day with someone that would have been an awkward climax to events so to speak. A little while afterwards we shared a shower together which was slightly more nervy for me as my balance is crap and somehow this feels so much more intimate than sex.

By the time I got home after our 12 hour date there was already an E Mail waiting for me from her telling me how great a time she had had and she signed off with 143 Emma which I have no idea what that means as I have not owned a cell phone in nearly a decade and don’t understand text language at all. The event leaves me puzzling one thing though, what the hell does she actually see in me? I’ll be honest with you I’m no George Clooney or any other celeb the ladies find handsome these days I’m more your typical fat guy with a beard and suicidal thoughts not characteristics that shout out SEXY!!! But for some reason she sees something, thank God or possibly the Devil I’m not quite sure on this one, lol. 

My Thoughts: I know what she sees in you...You're an amazing person! She's lucky you live in Scotland and not the U.S. of A. ::wink wink:: (Don't Judge Me...good men are hard to find.)

Thank you so much for sharing this and I know everything will work out with you and Emma...


Queenie said...

That was an amazing 'first date' story and a great read. Thanks for adding another fabulous blog to my list ;)

Andrew G. Carson said...

The post looks great, I like the pictures you chose to go with it. I showed your blog to Emma and she loves it and thought my little post about our date was very cute. The fact I was nervous was very funny to her as she was trying to hide her nerves too. I will say though I am now banned from travelling to the States alone after she read your little message at the bottom of the blog post, lol, and yes I did blush when I read it, lol.

Jazz Stanton said...

Thank you Queenie...I must visit your part of the blogosphere soon...

Thanks Andrew, I didn't mean to make you blush, LOL. Tell Emma not to worry, I don't break up happy homes... ;-)

nothingprofound said...

Andrew-wow! I think that's the best "date" story I've ever read on the internet. Emma sounds like a peach-and when two peaches meet things can get pretty sweet.

Jazz Stanton said...

I hope hope Andrew sees your comment NP...I was so excited to get his story.

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