Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do You Believe in Magic? (Caribana Part 3)

This is the continuation of my vacation in Toronto, Canada from Chicks Before Dicks (Caribana Part 2)...

(P.S. Video Day will be TOMORROW! I got e-mail threats for leaving you hanging...so here ya go biatches!)

So, I'm looking at TJ and my first thought was, "Woooow...," but I was pissed AND hungry AND lost-- this was not the time for sexy island men...

Me: Hi TJ...Bye TJ.
TJ: Woah...you're not even going to tell me your name?
Me: No. Good Day.
TJ: What's the matter? Maybe I can help.

 I stopped and looked up at him.  He was almost a foot taller than me.
Me: Unless you can get me back to Ohio, there really isn't anything for us to talk about.
TJ: Ohio? It's such a nice night...what could possibly have made you so angry?
I told him everything that had happened and why I was stomping around with a bag full of food.  He explained that he was originally from Trinidad and visiting with his father.  AND that he was only 20 years old. This guy looked at least 25!

He called one of his friends that lived in Toronto and asked him directions to my hotel so that he could walk me there. A stroll that should have only taken about 15 minutes at the most, turned into an hour and a half.  We talked, laughed, and took goofy pictures.  My stomach was growling loudly and I remembered the food.

I looked at my phone and realized that I had about 20 texts from Jacky asking where I was and what happened to the food.  I texted her back and told her I would be there in a minute.

I told TJ that I should go back to the hotel and invited him up to eat and have a drink with us before he met up with his friends later. It was the least I could do; he made me forget about all the issues with Jacky and walked me back to the hotel.

I knocked on our hotel room door, just in case anybody wasn't decent, and walked in.  I told TJ to wait a minute.
Jacky: Where have you been?
Me: YOU have a lot of nerve! For your information, I got...lost. But look what I found!  *I opened the door so TJ could walk in*
Jacky: Oh...hello.
TJ: Hi, you must be Jacky?
Jacky: Uhhh...
Me: TJ helped me find my way back. Wasn't that nice of him? He's going to have some food too. So, Jacky, what are your plans for the rest of the evening?
Jacky: Weeeelllll... Damien wants to go to a club downtown and...
Me: Oh, YOU and DAMIEN...Jacky what was the point of me coming here?
TJ was looking really uncomfortable as he unpacked the food.
Jacky: Well , my friend Dee is coming up tomorrow too and...
Me: WHO? Who the hell is Dee, where in the shit is SHE staying? I don't remember ANYbody else putting money in on this hotel!
Jacky: She got a rental car, so we have a way around when she gets here.
Me: When were you going to tell me about Dee? Oh, around the same time Damien popped up?
Jacky: I just want to hang out with him tonight...tomorrow me, you and Dee can go to Caribana and hang out.
Me: Whatever Jacky...I really don't care what you do.
Trevor: Water?
We both looked at him as if remembering he was in the room. There was a knock on the door and Jacky ran to answer it.  Of course, it was Damien.  She scarfed down her food and they left.
Trevor: Wow. She invited another girl without you knowing?
Me: Apparently.
Trevor: Do you want to hang out with me tonight? You don't have to have to be by yourself. 
Me: No, I'm tired anyway...its been a really long day.
Trevor: I see, well, can I see you tomorrow? At Caribana? 
Me: Yeah, that would be fun.
We exchanged numbers and he promised to call the next day before the parade.  He left and I put on my jammies to go to bed.

Jacky NEVER came back that night...

7:30 A.M.
Jacky: HEY JAZZ!!
Me: I opened one eye. Who, what, where?!
Jacky: This is Dee....Lets go down to breakfast!
Me: Hi...Dee.
We just looked at each other.  I could already imagine what she was thinking.  I completely went off on Jacky last night and I'm sure she told Dee. I was also sure that right now I was unfairly being dubbed "The Bad Guy." That was fine because I had a feeling that Jacky was going to show her ass again before the day was over.

I got up and threw on some sweats for breakfast.  We went downstairs and chatted while eating.  Dee seemed pretty cool.  Jacky was full of promises about what we were going to do today and how much fun we were going to have at Caribana.  I asked where Damien was and if he would be making an appearance. Jacky assured Dee and I that this was going to be a Girl's Day and the men of Toronto better watch out!

We went back upstairs to get dressed for Caribana.  We turned on some Soca music and danced as we got ready. It was starting to look like this trip was going to turn out to be fun! 

TJ texted me to tell me he was on his way to the parade and he hoped to see me later. As we walked off the elevator, Damien was waiting there. I looked at Jacky like, "Really Bitch?"

She shrugged and we all piled into the taxi--I was way too excited at this point to be angry. When we got there the music was loud and intoxicating. I could feel the bass in my heart. All the people, the costumes, the colors and the dancing...AMAZING!

As expected, Jacky and Damien wondered off and could not be reached by phone or text.  TJ and I kept missing each other because there were so many people. We eventually just agreed to meet up later back at the hotel.

Dee couldn't believe how Jacky acted like a completely different person around Damien...she had actually been friends with her longer than I had.  We just shrugged it off, danced in the parade for hours and drank at the beer tent. We made our way back to the hotel only to find out that that bitch, Jacky, had BEEN back! I could tell because she left her St. Lucian flag from the parade on the desk. 

TJ got to the hotel around 11 and I introduced him to Dee, as if I hadn't JUST met her that morning, and he took us down to Dundas Square. It was just SO many people around, just hanging out and talking on a beautiful night. We walked past a man on a velvet throw and forks spread out around him.
TJ: He does magic...
He seemed really creeped out by this and I found it hilarious.
Me: Oh, really?
TJ: Yes, you don't believe me?
Me: No...I don't.
TJ: Hey, Sir...she doesn't believe in magic!
Pharaoh the Magician: Oh reaaaally, come here girl, let me show you what I can do. *He pointed at Dee* YOU too.
We walked up on each side of him and he handed us both a fork.  He told us to write our exes initials and our own names on the forks. It was funny that he said our Exes because my Ex asshole had JUST texted me that day! 

The things that he made these forks do...if I hadn't of seen it with my OWN two eyes, I would have never believed it.

He made me do a winding motion with the fork in my hand.  I actually felt the metal of the fork twist, as it did some Exorcist type shit and the top of it did a 360... like a corkscrew.

Pharaoh told Dee to guess a number between 1 and 7; she picked 3 and shook the fork per Pharaoh's instructions. When she stopped 3 of the forks prongs had bent up!

My "Magic" Fork
The final trick, he made us count to 3 and at 3 we both were to point at the forks.  We counted: 1...2...3...and pointed. My fork fell apart and Dee's fork went completely flat, like a pancake. Pharaoh said that this represented the release of all the bad energy from the past relationship with the person we wrote on the fork. I STILL need to text my Ex to see if he is OK...I mean my fork FELL APART.  The guy's penis may have fallen off or something...not that he wouldn't deserve it.

He let us keep our mangled forks as souvenirs.  TJ wouldn't even touch it...LOL. (Below is a video of Pharaoh in action...it isn't the same trick, but it shows what he can do)

As we were walking back to the hotel, I turned to Dee and it seemed like we both realized at the same time that we hadn't seen Jacky since that afternoon and it was almost 5AM...

I know! Sorry, I did it again. Part 4 is the LAST part I promise...

Toodles Biatches!

P.S. Check out this video of Pharaoh in Dundas Square, doing his thing:


Anonymous said...

*sigh* TJ sounds like a dreamboat. Too bad he's apparently just a vacation fling. (Or is he? :p )

Kai Phoenix said...

I love that your fork fell apart! If it was me I would end up drunk phoning my ex then shouting down the phone "my fork fell apart is your penis okay?" luckily you are not me...

Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!! Oh and I hate girls that change around their boyfriends, boo them!

Andrew G. Carson said...

Hey Jazz to quote Bad Boys 2 "This Shit just got interesting!" lol, just messing around this TJ sounds cool but warn me now if it's a bad ending as I'm to f***ing depressed to read one of those and your friend sounds like a real bitch I just thought I‘d throw that in there.

Emma Murty said...

Me thinks Jazz got laid, lol, tell me you've ditched that bitch Jacky from your friends list babes? You ever come to Scotland I promise not to leave you to wander the streets alone friends don't do that to each other.

Opto-Mom said...

Sweetie, it sounds like you had more fun with Dee and TJ than you would have if Jacky had been there. So far, so good....keep the sequels coming!

timethief said...

I'm with Emma. Jacky has some issues there that indicate immediate distancing and ditching is in order.

Friends don't abandon us to walk the streets alone at gome let alone in strange cities. They do not have pop-up "friends" they forget to tell us about in advance. Please tell me that you have ditched that user called Jacky.

The video was cool and I'm eagerly awaiting the next sequel. :)

Jazz Stanton said...

@theboo...I guess you'll just have to find out!

@Kai...I STILL haven't contacted him...but if it did fall off, he deserved it for sure!

@Andrew, I can't warn you and why are you depressed?!! Didn't you and Emma just go on vacay?

@Emma...oh yeah, we are no longer friends. Blocked on facebook, phone number erased...

@Opto-mom... I actually think about that a lot. I don't think I would have had as much fun actually. It was just funny how things fell into place.

@TT... Yes, Jacky has been ditched! LOL

Jess said...

I'm loving these stories. Oh by the way, when you and TJ went back to the room, you said you told Trevor to wait there. I don't know if that's TJ, or someone else. Didn't know if you were into the story and forgot to use initials...

Can't wait for part 4!

Jazz Stanton said...

Hey Jess,

LOL, yeah it's the same person. And I read these things about fifty-leven times before I post. Thanks for catching that and reading!

PrincessBeks said...

Wow that is some serious magical shizzzelll!!
Your friend i have to say i think you need to have a long talk to her, you really cant treat your mates likes that.

Jess said...

Oh girl, I read and re-read my posts about seven times before I post, and then when I come back and read it later I always catch stuff. Drives me crazy!

heather@actingbalanced.com said...

wow - your caribana experience is so much different than mine... having taken two kids to the parade and events was probably the reason - following you back from acting balanced

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